Classroom Management

Classroom Management

A lot of new teachers wonder what classroom management system to use and what is most effective. Honestly, it depends on your personality, I think. You've gotta find out what works for you and your kiddos. My first year, I changed management systems like it was going out of style. Once I found one that… Continue reading Classroom Management

Teacher Hack

Glue Sponges!

I had high hopes of coming on here and telling you all about my magical glue sponges! I was going to post a tutorial and tell you all about them. You were going to fall in love and be inspired to make some on your own!! Instead of that, I am going to be sharing… Continue reading Glue Sponges!

Teacher Life

Beginning of The Year Thoughts

Last year was my first year. My first REAL experience in a classroom. I interned last year. In my state, this is in place of student teaching. I mean I did spend three weeks in a classroom last semester but, in those three weeks, I only taught a lesson or two. It wasn't a big… Continue reading Beginning of The Year Thoughts

Classroom Stories

It’s Kind of a Funny Story…

This story takes the cake for the, now that I'm looking back on it, the funniest moment that happened this year. It definitely was NOT funny in the moment. One of my kiddos REALLY wanted to be in another teacher's class. She made sure to tell me this often. She wanted to be in his… Continue reading It’s Kind of a Funny Story…

Classroom Stories

April Fools

Today was our last day before April fools day. Have Have you seen that video going around of that fake spelling test? I gave it to my kiddos today. I told them they had to pass this test to go to third grade. They had three chances to pass and this was there first chance.… Continue reading April Fools