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Colored Jenga Blocks!

A beginners DIY guide to creating colored Jenga Blocks for classroom use.

Teacher Life

The Easter Bunny Dilemma

We are hatching chickens in our classroom the week after Spring Break. The class is so excited and are practicing at being quiet enough for the chickens. Nurseries are quiet places so we have to make our classroom like a nursery. In preparation for hatching chicks, the Easter Bunny was going to drop us off… Continue reading The Easter Bunny Dilemma

Teacher Life

Flying By The Seat Of My Pants

"I make the moves up as I go.... I'm lightning on my feet." Taylor Swift I relate to those song lyrics on a deep level, especially in teaching. Sometimes, the lesson doesn't go as planned and I need a spur of the moment idea. Sometimes, my principal walks in for an unscheduled observation and I… Continue reading Flying By The Seat Of My Pants

Teacher Life

Making Babies

My class has a new obsession as of today. They like to fold their jackets into "babies." They looked like a swaddled baby, kinda. It isn't a big deal, why fight something they enjoy. It has been a great management tool too. "If you aren't quite, the baby has to go away." "Make sure you're… Continue reading Making Babies

Teacher Life

Girl Drama

I have a class that is majority girls. 16 girls and 9 boys. The drama this year has been CRAZY!! I swear every time I turn around, there is another problem that has arose between two of my girls. They are best friends and then out of nowhere they are sobbing over something one of… Continue reading Girl Drama