Taylor Swift Week

This week has been the most exciting and best week of my life. I can’t believe the things that have happened, actually happened. Let me give you the low down.

Monday: A package appears at my door. I open it and find this note.


For those who don’t know, Snake Pit is front row seats. Taylor Swift picked me of all people to be front row. I couldn’t stop crying after I opened that. I, of course, tweeted about it.

Tuesday: I receive all the info from Taylor Nation. Then, they retweet my tweet about the upgrade!! It was crazy exciting!!

Wednesday: I drop my class off at computers, still not believe everything that has happened. Then, I got another notification on my phone. Taylor Swift herself liked my tweet! I don’t think I’ve ever taken as many screen shots as I did at this time. I was so excited!!

I start going to her shows in May. I CAN’T wait to see what other exciting things might happen!!


3 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Week”

  1. You capture your excitement so greatly, with screen shots and photos and also with short sentences that seem to convey your jumping up and down. I can hear you smiling through this whole post. Congrats!


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