Publishing a Book

We are publishing a book through Studentreasures this year. I did this with my class last year too and didn’t learn from my mistakes. Our book has to be finished on Friday. Do you know when we started writing this story? Last Friday. I did the same thing last year. Put it off to the side and procrastinated starting it. I changed my publishing date both years at least 6 times. I kept pushing it later.

This really is a lot of fun. The student’s love the project and can’t wait to see the final copy. When their writing comes back bound in a book, they freak out. We publish a class book, not individual books, because they are still so young. I just stress out about it because it is so last minute.

Today, I told the class, “Don’t use crayons on your final picture. You have to use markers.” A child brings me his final copy and he used crayons. I whited out a different page we weren’t using and gave him another one and reminded him, DON’T USE CRAYONS. When he brought it back to me, He had used crayons. AGAIN! I might have been more mad about it because this book is due in 4 days and we aren’t finished.

If you want to publish a book, I would highly recommend using Studentreasures. If you do decide to do it, learn from my mistakes (because I didn’t). Don’t wait till the week before it is do. Work on it for a few more weeks. Or you’ll be left like me, stressed out over this book. 4 more days till Spring Break!


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