Medical Advice From Children

I have had a cold for the past few weeks. It has been terrible. This cold has included losing my voice. Which is the worst when you are a teacher. My class has taken it upon themselves to offer me their very sound medical advice.

“You need to sip your water slowly so it makes your throat freeze.”

“Eat all the applesauce in your lunch. That will help smooth out your throat.”

“Let me do all the talking today.”

“We need to be quiet so you can be quiet too.”

“Use your microphone!”

It is so cute how much they care and how badly they want to help. Thank heavens it is almost Spring Break! I need some vocal rest and sleep!


7 thoughts on “Medical Advice From Children”

  1. Love it! I teach 2nd also, and I had bronchitis for about 2 months, from Thanksgiving to Christmas. One of my students came up to me one day and said very seriously, “Ms. A, you need to see the doctor.” I had to break it to him that I’d already seen the doctor several times. It was so adorable! Glad they’re offering you some remedies!


  2. Gotta love those little ones! Not so sure about the applesauce, though! As a long time veteran, who used to lose her voice several times each year, before I developed a killer immune system, cough syrup (even if I didn’t have a cough) and a vaporizer always helped a lot! Hope you get the rest you need soon!


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