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Chicks In The Classroom

We are hatching chicks in our classroom starting April 9th. In preparation for this, the Easter Bunny will be dropping us off our own chicks to take care of for 1 week. I will be using Firstie Land’s Adopt A Peep Activity pack with this lesson.

There will be a special package “hidden” in our room Monday morning. Once a child notices it, we will open it and reveal what is inside! There will be a letter from the Bunny letting us know that we are responsible for taking care of the chicks all week.

To get this activity ready, I purchased plastic eggs, peeps, and jelly beans from Target. I got the chick peeps because we are raising chicks in our classroom.



Each child gets 5 Jelly Beans in their egg. These are used to pay babysitters for watching their egg, should they need to leave the classroom for any reason. If they get a pink chick, it’s a girl! Blue means boy chick! 5 of my students will be lucky enough to get twin chicks in their egg!

The Easter Bunny will bring a surprise for anyone that cares for their chick all week. The chick will go home and back with them every day.

I’m excited to see the students take responsibility for their pet Peep. I’m sure they will have a blast.


2 thoughts on “Chicks In The Classroom”

  1. This is a clever way for students to have some ownership of raising their own chick! What a memorable and responsible week it should be. 🐣


  2. I am so glad to read of chicks happening in the classroom – I remember my experience with this some 50 years ago – I hope it is as memorable for your students.


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