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The Easter Bunny Dilemma

We are hatching chickens in our classroom the week after Spring Break. The class is so excited and are practicing at being quiet enough for the chickens. Nurseries are quiet places so we have to make our classroom like a nursery.

In preparation for hatching chicks, the Easter Bunny was going to drop us off baby chicks (peeps) to take care of. They come in little plastic Easter eggs and are delivered during the day. They practice responsibility taking care of this pet. It will travel home and back during the week.

Here is the Dilemma, I was buying supplies for this activity on Friday at Target. I ran into one of my students. I don’t think she saw the peeps and jelly beans, but she definitely saw the plastic eggs. They were in my hands…

Do you think she will remember me buying the eggs on Monday morning? They will call into our class in the morning to let us know we had a special delivery. When we get that special delivery, do you think it’ll click that I was buying these things? Should I just tell the class that I bought it for them to practice responsibility? HELP! I don’t wanna ruin the Easter Bunny!


3 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny Dilemma”

  1. I see your dilemma. I don’t know what to advise. Sometimes kids don’t remember, but sometimes they do. You could maybe explain away the plastic eggs if that is all your student saw. Good luck in your decision. Long live the Easter Bunny!


  2. Maybe the Easter Bunny delivers the Peeps to the office on their own, and as a class you contemplate the best way to transport them and keep them safe. Write down some of their ideas, and then…you are struck with a great idea! “Wait! I just bought some of these plastic eggs and I was wondering the best way to use them!” Then your student can nod happily and say “That’s right! I saw her there!” And all might be okay…


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