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Germs Everywhere

Everyone told me, “You’ll get so sick your first year teaching and after that, you won’t get sick again.” My first year teaching, I was rarely sick. I think I got a cold a couple times and that was it. I thought this year would be a walk in the park with my health. If I survived the first year around children, I could survive this year. Boy was I wrong!

In August, I had strep throat. In November, I had a stomach bug. In January, I had strep, AGAIN! Then in February, I had another stomach bug. Now, I am fighting a cold. My throat is sore, not strep sore though. I have a head ache that is killer and a cough that is constant and awful. On the bright side, I have kept the flu completely out of my room this year. My constant sanitation has been good for something.

I hate teaching with a cold, especially if it includes a sore throat. It hurts to talk and I can’t talk to loud because I am losing my voice. To top it all off, it’s spring. Spring break is in a week and the kids are itching to be outside all the time. They are chatty and struggling to follow instructions.

I’m just glad it’s the weekend and I can rest my voice and try to feel better for Monday. Cross your fingers!


2 thoughts on “Germs Everywhere”

  1. I have had a great year health wise this year. I attribute it to adding in some essential oils. I dab lavender on me every morning. We also wash down tables weekly in the classroom. I hope you have a restful weekend!


  2. I’m so sorry you’ve been hit with a slew of sicknesses this year! Definitely rest up this weekend and drink LOTS of water! I fought off a cold last week by doing that (plus lots of Airborne and Zicam). It still hit me, but it went away fast. I’m crossing my fingers for you, especially in the week leading up to spring break! I’m in the same boat. :/ Hang in there!


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