Second Graders and Time

Second graders have NO real concept of time. Tell them you’re keeping them in for half their recess, really hold them in for 2 minutes, they think its been an eternity. They don’t have a strong understanding of time yet.

We were learning about tornadoes a few weeks ago and a student asked if Tornadoes happen here. I told her that the mountains protect us and the last tornado we had here was the year I was born. A little boy says, “Oh. So like 1507.”  I didn’t acknowledge his comment and moved on.

Flash forward a week when we were reading about George Washington.

“Was George Washington a nice guy?” Student

“I think so. A lot of people liked him.” Me

“No. I mean like was he nice when you were his teacher?” Student

“I wasn’t George Washington’s teacher….” Me

“Oh. Was he in the class next door?” Student

“I wasn’t alive when George Washington was alive.” Me

This was mind blowing to them. They couldn’t understand that I wasn’t someone’s teacher. No matter how old he is.

To add, I’m only a second year teacher and look no where near old enough to have taught George Washington. I chalk it up to their small understanding of time.


5 thoughts on “Second Graders and Time”

  1. Most of my first graders have no clue how old their mom and dad are. When I ask them, I get 40 or 50. Most of them are really 20 something! 2nd graders live in the moment for sure.


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