Things My Student’s Say..

Here is a quote of the day from Friday.

One of my student’s was singing that Maroon 5, What Lovers Do. I swear to you that song says, “Ooh ooh ooh ooh oooh I’m a chef not you, Ooooh oooh. Trying to do what lovers do oooh.” He was singing some other lyrics instead of I’m a chef not you. So I started singing the chef words.

“It doesn’t say that!” Student

“Yeah it does.” Me

“There is something called lyrics. Look it up!” Student

“I think she’s right. I believe her.” Another student

“No! You can’t just change the lyrics!” Student

He gave up arguing with me and I continued to sing the Chef lyrics. After about ten minutes he said, “Maybe next time, you should just stick to Taylor Swift.”

Maybe I should kid. At least I know I’ll get those lyrics right.


2 thoughts on “Things My Student’s Say..”

  1. So funny! I am constantly turning preschool tunes into new instructions that I need the children to attend to, and it makes them go wild like this, too. Loved the student reaction – stick to Taylor Swift!


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