Teacher Hack

Conference Hack

I am going to share with you my most brilliant conference hack. Here you go.


The week before conferences, tell your class they can earn a special party if they are extra good until whatever the day before conferences are. You really have to sell this part! Now, what party are they earning you ask? A pajama read-a-thon party!

Now when your class wins that party, they have to earn the party, you get to wear pajamas too! That is always a win. Also, schedule the last hour or so of the day as a read-a-thon party. Give them a small snack, let them get comfy and then they read. The whole time. What are you doing while they are reading? Getting ready and organized for conferences the next day. It is a real win win.

There it is. The best conference hack I have thought of.

You’re welcome!


7 thoughts on “Conference Hack”

  1. Love connecting reading as a “party.” We have never given up our non-negotiable 15 minutes of reading each day…my students would probably be all over this! Our conferences were cancelled due to a Nor’Easter that blew in…oh well! Maybe next year!


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