Memories Of My Grandpa

Today we went to the cemetery to put flowers on the graves of my aunt, grandpa, grandma, and my aunt and uncle that died as babies. While we were there, I thought of the fun I had with my Grandpa. I want to share some of the memories I had with him.

My grandma and grandpa used to babysit me when I was little. One day when my mom came to pick me up, I complained about not having any cheese at home to make a grilled cheese. My grandpa always had a huge block of cheese at his house to make me a grilled cheese with. He offered to let me take home his block of cheese. My mom told me that I couldn’t and I was so upset. For my fifth birthday that year, he bought me my own 5 pound block of cheese. I was the happiest kid.

I loved being read to as a child, I actually still do. Grandpa’s lap was always the perfect fit to listen to stories being read. He was always willing to read me anything I wanted.

Grandpa and Grandma always had this box of toys for us to play with. In the box, there was a tea set. That was my favorite toy. Grandpa was always willing to drink the “tea” I brought him day after day.

On Sunday’s Grandpa took us to church. After sacrament, he always pulled hard candy out of his pocket. It was always either those strawberry candies or butterscotch candy. He always had one for us.

After church, we went back to his house to hang out for a bit until my dad came to pick us up. He always gave us oatmeal cream pies to eat for a treat. I still love these cookies.

Before my grandma died, after church we always went over to have Sunday dinner. We changed our clothes and played with the tea set, of course, until dinner was ready. It was always a roast, potatoes, and veggies made in a crockpot. This was my favorite dinner of the week.

After my grandma died, my dad and his siblings each took my grandpa to dinner one night each week. Our night was Thursdays. I looked forward to having him over.

I’m so glad I have so many memories to remember my grandpa by. It always gives me something to look back at and smile.


7 thoughts on “Memories Of My Grandpa”

  1. By the end of this beautiful piece I had tears in my eyes. The one night a week dinner was a tradition for me up until August of 2016. Every Sunday I would meet my uncle, aunt, and Pap after church. I would always sit next to Pap and we would catch up over the week.Your memories sound wonderful and like some of the best times in your childhood.

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  2. I love the part about the block of cheese – so funny and so memorable! All the memories are so special – your grandpa would be so pleased to know how much these things meant to you!


  3. He was a great man. What great memories. Now about this cheese thing. Grandpa said you could have a few slices. You decided that ment the whole block. LOL That is why I said no. You were mad at me for a bit. And yes the 5 lb block of sliced cheese was your favorite birthday present that year. We even had to ask permission to eat that cheese. I was worried you would eat all 5 lbs that day. Thanks for sharing your memories of a very awesome man.

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