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Making Babies

My class has a new obsession as of today. They like to fold their jackets into “babies.” They looked like a swaddled baby, kinda. It isn’t a big deal, why fight something they enjoy. It has been a great management tool too. “If you aren’t quite, the baby has to go away.” “Make sure you’re quiet so the sleeping babies don’t wake up.” My class was amazing today. All to have a folded baby on their desk.

As we were getting ready for lunch one child shouted, “Who wants to make a baby with me at lunch today?!”

It was SO hard to keep a straight face.

Teaching second grade is weird sometimes.


8 thoughts on “Making Babies”

  1. Hahahaha! I have a second grader of my own, and he and his friends are always spouting the weirdest things! Teachers of kindergarten through second grade do not get enough credit for their patience and straight faces!


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