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Girl Drama

I have a class that is majority girls. 16 girls and 9 boys. The drama this year has been CRAZY!!

I swear every time I turn around, there is another problem that has arose between two of my girls. They are best friends and then out of nowhere they are sobbing over something one of them said to the other. Then, two days later, they are friends all over again. Something that ruined their life two days ago, suddenly means nothing.

To combat this, I made a tattle report. It is two pages long and requires quite a bit of time to fill out. If they REALLY wanted to tattle, they would fill out the whole thing. It can only be filled out once all their work is done of course. This worked for about two weeks.

Now, they fill it all out like it’s nothing. They don’t care if they could be doing something more fun, filling out that two page paper is more important.

Last year, I had mostly boys. Almost reverse numbers as this year.

Comment below with your tricks to stop girl drama. Thanks in advance! I teach second grade.


6 thoughts on “Girl Drama”

  1. I used to do tell the teacher Tuesday. I had my students tell me one thing that was happening on an index card. It helped steer a lot of drama to the side. All they really want to do is talk. Sometimes I had some serious things being told to me while others not so much. But it gave the kids a voice and a quiet outlet.


  2. Omg, you poor thing! And those poor things, think of what is being modeled for them on a regular basis at home! Anyway, I have had days when I just have to have a “group meeting”. I’ll find out something bizarre has gone on and I’ll just need the group to think it through. Sometimes I’ve asked the children who are having the difficulties if we can enlist classmates to intervene. Maybe they have a catchphrase like, “Nice, nice, nice” (I have actually used that) to remind someone that all it takes is nice! I’ve also done coaching in leadership (everyone wants to be a leader) and drawn up charts listing leadership qualities. Perhaps a “Nice Friend” chart might help. Good luck, it is tough, but think of the modeling that they are seeing and try to think in terms of what modeling you can provide them!

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