10 Fun Facts

I read an awesome blog, found here, where they wrote 10 fun facts about themselves. I thought that would be an awesome idea, so here I am. Here are 10 fun facts about me.

  1. I LOVE all things pink and glittery. Those are my two favorite things.
  2. Taylor Swift is my favorite. I’ve been to her tour twice and a music festival she performed at. I’ll be at 3 of her shows this year too! I can’t wait!
  3. My intern position last year was originally going to be in fourth grade. I spent 2 of my 3 last weeks of field work in fourth grade. Week 3, they moved me to second grade. They were thinking my field work would be in 2nd instead. I was really upset at first, I had fallen in love with fourth grade. Now, I wouldn’t change a thing! This is my second year in second grade and I don’t know how I would have taught fourth grade. Second grade is hands down my favorite grade!
  4. My classroom is THAT classroom. You know the one that is noisy and always doing crazy things? I believe that second graders should be able to move during the day. We rarely spend longer then 20 minutes without taking a movement break. We’re also a fully flexible seating classroom. I will blog more about that later.
  5. I sing all day to my students. About nothing. I sing to them during transitions or to explain a concept. I don’t know if they love or hate it, but I love it.
  6. Last year for teacher appreciation a child brought me an amazon gift card and a Dr. Pepper. He said, “When my mom asked you what you liked to do, I told her online shop and drink Dr. Pepper and that was it.” Well he definitely isn’t all the way wrong. I LOVE getting things on the internet. I prefer it to shopping at the store. I just love getting a package in the mail. It’s like a present to me from me! If I need something, and can wait the 2 days for shipping, I will buy it online.
  7. I am probably the pickiest eater you will ever know. I’ve got weird tastes when it comes to food. I like some foods on their own, but not with other items. Like peanut. I like peanuts on their own but not on anything else. To top it all off, my favorite vegetable is lima beans. They are delicious!
  8. I get my best teaching ideas spur of the moment. I think my best ideas happen when a lesson I planned,  isn’t working out. Also, when my class isn’t engaged with a current lesson, I get good ideas then. I have created some of the most fun games when we needed something quick to fill time!
  9. I get told that I’m funny all the time. I definitely don’t think that’s true though. I am only funny when I lack sleep. Most of the time, I try to be funny and no one laughs but, I crack myself up. I guess that is what happens to most people anyway.
  10. I am a big believer in teacher self care. I try my best not to work on weekends. I usually bring home my work on the weekends and leave it in my car or at the top of the stairs all weekend. I think the work enjoys the little outing they go on every weekend. If I have a lot to do, I will work for maybe a half hour to an hour on the weekends. Most of the time, though, you can find me binging on Netflix and taking a bubble bath with the most amazing bath bombs! Click here to see the bath bombs I buy. They are heavenly. Plenty of scents to choose from them. They are also incredibly priced. Affordable even on a teacher budget!


Okay. This post is a day late because I could NOT come up with 10 fun facts. Writing these down was like pulling teeth. Read about it here. I challenge you all to list 10 fun facts about yourself. Good luck.


13 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts”

  1. Love the 10 things list idea! And as a former 2nd grade teacher who thought I would never want to teach 2nd grade…yes it is totally the best! Also…fun fact about me…I saw Taylor Swift while I was on a cross country road trip with my mom, we were in Wyoming for a rodeo and she was the opening act for Rascal Flatts. I remember thinking…this chick is going to be the main show soon and she is going to be a star!


  2. Yes! to #4- My goal is that we don’t stay in the same position (at our desks, at the carpet) for more than 25 minutes. Our Superstar table is four desks at their lowest setting with mats on the floor. Also planning to make some as high as they’ll go for stander-uppers.
    And yes! Lima beans are the best.


  3. This was such a fun slice. I smiled all the way through. My favorite line is, “I think the work enjoys the little outing they go on every weekend.” Very funny, but true.


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