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I had my first observation of my spring observations today during writing. We were learning about adjectives. It went well, overall. I didn’t have anyone practicing their John Cena knock out moves (this happens almost hourly in my classroom) so that’s a plus! I don’t know about you but observations STRESS ME OUT!

The person being in my room doesn’t bug me. Since I was an intern last year, I had someone observing me almost weekly. I got used to it. The problem is, I forget that they are in my classroom! I just get on a roll and forget they are there. This means I don’t remember to make sure I hit all the points I am supposed to!

You know how observations are. There is a bunch of little boxes you need to get checked off to prove you are an effective teacher. Things you do normally, but maybe not in every lesson.

I’ve got one more to go! Probably tomorrow during math. Hopefully it goes over just as well and John Cena doesn’t make an appearance.


3 thoughts on “Observations”

  1. Observations stress me out too. And now I’m a coach and am doing the observing, although non-evaluative and so no boxes to check. Still. Teaching is so personal. It’s way more important to be in tune with your kids than worry about those boxes. Good luck avoiding John Cena in math tomorrow!


  2. Observation time can be so difficult! What a truth that you forget people are in your classroom. Hopefully it lets you get more into your teaching, and relaxed to show all of your strengths.


  3. I find observations to be the best/worst. The worst because they are so stressful! But the best because I always get really good feedback. I hope your next one goes well!


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