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Read Across America Week Fun

I LOVE Read Across America Week. It might be my favorite week of the year! Here’s a run down of our week.

Monday: Cat in the Hat Day

The class wore a hat and we read the Cat in the Hat story. We usually do a directed drawing on this day too. We didn’t have time this week to do it though.

Tuesday: Green Eggs and Ham Day

We wore green. After reading Green Eggs and Ham, we create a class book. They fill in the blanks with the sentence, ” I do not like Green Eggs and ham. I do not like them _____ I am. But I would eat ______________ on a __________________.” These end up being very cute. The kids get really creative with these.

Wednesday: Fox in Socks Day

Crazy sock day! We went on a field trip on Wednesday so no other fun activities were done with fox in socks. Last year, I had the kids create their own crazy socks.

Thursday: Read-a-thon Day

Check out yesterday’s blog here for more details on today’s activities.

Friday: Read Across America Day

This is Dr. Seuss’ birthday! We dress up like our favorite book character for today. A coworker and I dress up like Thing 1 and Thing 2 and wreak havoc throughout the school. We run into classes and switch water bottles, pencils, and just run through it. The kids LOVE it. I also invite in guest readers (the kids parents) to come in and read to us during the day. This is my favorite part!

Overall, Read Across America week is so much fun and the kids have a blast. There are forms all over TPT that you can purchase to get started with this week next year.

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow for a new post.


3 thoughts on “Read Across America Week Fun”

  1. Fox in Sox is the first Dr. Seuss book that my daughter, now 14, received as a toddler. I remember drowsily trying to read that one at bed time…too many rhymes for a sleepy mom but not enough for a not-so-sleepy little girl. We still have the book on the kids’ bookcase. We might have to read that one tonight for old time’s sake!


  2. We missed Dr. Suess’s birthday celebration – due to bad weather. I’m glad to have heard about the hijinks around your school that would have made him proud!


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