Taking The First Big Step

Bonus Blog today!

I decided that my goal for this year is to grow this blog and commit to blogging at least once a week after the March challenge is over. I want to grow my brand and really commit to this blogging/Instagram journey. So today, I took a big step (big to me) of growing my blog.

I registered for a domain! Confessions Of A Real Teacher can now be found at!!!

I’m hoping that this pays off in the future. I’m hoping having an actual domain will keep me motivated to blog at least weekly.

We will see how this goes. By posting my goal, you all can help keep me accountable! Here’s to growing a brand! Who knows, maybe my next step will be getting a professionally designed logo!

Tomorrow’s post will still be all about Read Across America week!


7 thoughts on “Taking The First Big Step”

  1. How exciting! I hope you’re able to keep the steam going. Raising the stakes is a great way to challenge yourself and hold yourself accountable to keep going. I too would love to blog once weekly. Here’s hoping we can keep it going!


  2. Good luck! Keep your writing intentions pure and it will pay off no matter what. Keep a list of potential ideas that inspire you to write about and you won’t have to worry about finding time to write. Glad to be in this community with you.


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