Field Trip

Field Trip Time

We went on a field trip on Wednesday to a local children’s museum. The kid’s had a blast, of course. But a field trip is not as fun when you are a teacher.

Don’t get me wrong, I had fun. I am just EXHAUSTED! The museum had a jungle gym obstacle course area. There was also multiple rope bridges to walk/climb across. This was the kid’s favorite area. Whenever I was down there, they wanted me to climb through the area with them. I didn’t want to let the kids down, so I obliged. I regret it now.

Along with being SO tired, my legs are SO sore. My goodness. I forgot what it is like to crawl through playgrounds like that. The kids loved it though so I guess it was worth it.

Along with a field trip, this week is Read Across America week. That is packed with fun filled high energy activities as well. It adds to the field trip exhaustion.

Stay tuned for more info about what we are doing for Read Across America week. There will be a post coming tomorrow night.



7 thoughts on “Field Trip Time”

  1. I so agree with you about field trips! It is wonderful to see how much the kids enjoy them, but so exhausting. I can totally picture the kids all clamoring to have you climb through the rope bridges with you.


  2. Sounds like it was all worth it! I know you are tired but I bet the kids loved having their teacher participate in the fun. I hope your sore muscles feel better soon!


  3. Field trips are oh so stressful! My biggest fear…losing a kiddo! Sounds like you all had a great day and your students made memories with you that they will remember forever!


  4. You are a kind teacher to please your students by participating in the jungle gym area, and risking the soreness and tiredness you have tonight. I look forward to reading about more of your activities! I hope you get some rest.


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