Teacher Hack

Glue Sponges!

I had high hopes of coming on here and telling you all about my magical glue sponges! I was going to post a tutorial and tell you all about them. You were going to fall in love and be inspired to make some on your own!!

Instead of that, I am going to be sharing a glue sponge fail. Buuuuut I found out what I did wrong and I am currently in the process of making them correctly. So stayed tuned for that. In the meantime, here’s what NOT to do!

So to make a glue sponge, you get some airtight containers, sponges, and glue bottles. You pour glue into the container, set the sponge on top, and cover it with glue. Then, let is sit and you’ll have your magical glue sponges! How could I mess that up? I don’t know. But, I did.

Here is what I purchased to make these sponges

Dollar Store containers. $1.00 for 2.

Cellulose Glue Sponges $2.49 for 4 from Harmons.

Up and Up Target School Glue $.50 a bottle.

So I did as I was told and poured glue into the bottom of the container. I took pictures of this because I thought it would be a nice touch to my tutorial. Everyone loves a good picture.

I finished all 6 containers and waited. The tutorial I read said to let them sit for 24 hours. So I took another nice picture and waited. With hopes of coming back to them with a cool glue sponge to show you!

I had a video to show you of what happened. But, I have to pay money to put videos on here. I’m a school teacher. I can’t afford that. So you’ll have to settle for my description. Or hop over to my facebook page (confessionsofarealteacher) I will upload the videos there!

Basically, the glue turned into rubber. The sponge was stuck to the bottom of the container and the glue was rubber. It stretched and bounced back into shape. Instead of creating a glue sponge, I created rubber! Not what I wanted but you win some you lose some.

I went to Facebook to search for answers to my failure. How did I manage to mess up something so simple?! The kind teachers of Facebook told me I should have gotten the sponges wet and to try getting them wet now. They also told me that my containers might not have been airtight enough.

I did that. Most of them are semi salvaged. They are almost usable. There is one that is still completely rubber. I’m hoping my semi-functioning ones will be better next week.

I watched a video tutorial on Monday and bought some new supplies and remade them. This tutorial said to leave the sponges for a week! Such a long time to wait to see if I was successful. But, I will update you and make a real tutorial later on!

Spoiler alert: They look MUCH better now and are actually absorbing the glue!

Stay tuned. Like my Facebook page to see the videos!



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