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It’s Kind of a Funny Story…

This story takes the cake for the, now that I’m looking back on it, the funniest moment that happened this year. It definitely was NOT funny in the moment.

One of my kiddos REALLY wanted to be in another teacher’s class. She made sure to tell me this often. She wanted to be in his class SO bad that she decided to make my classroom look like his classroom.

We had a pretty cold winter so indoor recess was quite frequent. During indoor recess, aids watch our class during indoor recess, she would draw the other teachers class mission statement on scratch paper and hang it up ALL over my classroom with tape. EVERYWHERE! I came back after lunch the first day and was so annoyed. I took them down, she threw a fit. I asked her not to do it again and waste tape.

During indoor recess the next day, same thing happened. They were everywhere, again. She got in trouble again, I took them down, she threw a fit.

The next time we had indoor recess, I put the tape away in my desk. Knowing that the other kids would tattle if she went behind there and got it. Came back to no signs anywhere. I thought I had solved this problem. But alas, it doesn’t end this easily.

We had indoor recess a few more times. It wasn’t until like 5 or 6 indoor recesses after the last incident that I came back to MORE signs everywhere. She brought her own tape from home because of course she did. I cleaned it up and let her know that if it happened again, she would have to spend indoor recesses in the office because she can’t hang up anything she wants on the walls.

It stopped after this. I thought.

Flash forward to last week when I was cleaning up my classroom, taking down posters for the end of the year and reorganizing the cabinets. Guess what I found under all of my posters?

If you guessed her posters of his class mission statement, you are correct. Under every single poster in the room. Some of them had multiple signs under them. They were also slid under things we don’t use regularly in the cabinets. They were stuffed inside my boxes of notebooks as well. There was at least 30-40 signs hidden in my classroom.

She was sneaky enough to only remove one staple from the wall and slide them under there with her tape from home. I never even noticed a difference.

I still wonder why the other children weren’t quick to tattle on her. They are 7 and 8, tattling is still a big deal. Though they also never told me that a child had her pet worm on her desk all day, but that is a story for another day.


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