One Word

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon of setting a one word goal for the following school year. I think this makes a goal more manageable and easier to reach, hopefully.

My one word next year is going to be Organization.

I spent my entire year last year being a hot mess express. I didn’t file things, just placed them in a pile to be filed. I would clean off my desk only to have it become a disaster 15 minutes later.

I started the year with nothing so, beginning year organization didn’t really follow through once I started to accumulate stuff. It all needed to be redone, but there isn’t time when you’ve got 22 second graders running around. They take the priority and things become a disaster.

I spent my extra day during the summer organizing the cupboards and making sure everything has a place. When I can get into my desk and shelves again, our furniture needs to be pushed to one side of the classroom during the summer for cleaning, that is the next step. Getting those to work.

I also have a better idea of how I want my class to run and where I want things to go. I’ve bought some bins to help with that idea.

I also got the cutest planner! It is an Erin Condren Teacher Planner. I’m hoping the look of it makes me more inclined to actually use it. I suck at keeping a planner, more on that later. I am jumping at the bit to start using it next year already! Check out my Facebook page for a live video inside peak of that planner later this week. Here’s the link if you aren’t following me yet!

Also, if you’d like an Erin Condren planner, here is my referral link for $10 off! She has more then just teacher planners. Check it out!

Hopefully, this one word goal is successful. Maybe my life will be slightly less of a mess.


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