Classroom Stories

April Fools

Today was our last day before April fools day. Have Have you seen that video going around of that fake spelling test? I gave it to my kiddos today.

I told them they had to pass this test to go to third grade. They had three chances to pass and this was there first chance. The test is made up words with silent letters. It’s amazing.

When I said April fools, they weren’t sure if it was a joke or not.

They didn’t think it was funny. I however, thought it was hilarious.


4 thoughts on “April Fools”

  1. Haha! It’s always nice to see a teacher play a prank on the kids. I haven’t seen this video yet, but will look for it. I spent part of the afternoon today helping my 1st grade son with some of his work, and explaining, over and over, that s-i-g-n really was pronounced with a long i sound, not an “ig” in the middle. English!


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