Testing Review

We don’t do state testing in second grade. (Thank goodness. They are still babies.) We do district testing though. We have 3 benchmarks in math and language arts and a pre and post test in each as well. We are finishing our last math unit and will begin to review. I want to review in a fun and exciting way. They need to stay engaged and actually want to review.

I’m thinking a review carnival. A couple scavenger hunts and escape the rooms. And anything else I can think of.

What are your favorite ways and games to review? I have about two months until the test. So lots of games and review time!


3 thoughts on “Testing Review”

  1. I can’t be much help – I teach preschoolers and, thankfully, do not have to think about this. I wonder if teaching mindfulness routines would be helpful – ways to breathe in/breathe out/relax in the midst of stress?


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