Penguin Video

I didn’t plan a STEM activity last week because it was conference week and I “forgot”. I forgot on purpose really. I knew I had to plan one but pretended not to remember. I needed a science video to replace the 45 minutes that we would have been doing STEM. I also didn’t plan for that time either. (I swear I’m not usually like this. Just most of the time.)

The teacher next door has really cool Planet Earth videos. We were learning about Penguins and there is one about the arctic. After he assured me it was fine, I showed it to my second grade children.

The video was awesome! Until it started talking about penguins finding their mate and how they mate for life. Do you see where this is going? Because I did not. At least not yet.

Anyway, it starts to talk about the penguins spending a lot of time together. This is when I started to get hesitant. But, I kept playing it. Why? Because I make poor choices. Then, the narrator says, “In this cold temperature, it would be hard for any man to stay on top.” The video was showing a lot of penguins with penguins on top of each other. I quickly hit skip and acted like it was an accident. The kids were mad and started complaining about how I never let them finish videos and they wanted to see the penguins play. I told them we were out of time and might be able to finish later.

We are NOT finishing later. Nor will we watch any of these other videos. I can’t do it.

I hope you enjoyed the story of the time I showed my children something I shouldn’t have. Don’t worry though. They are only 7 and 8. They don’t understand these things yet. They probably missed the entire line anyway. At least I hope so. I haven’t received any parent e-mails yet and it has been over a week.


7 thoughts on “Penguin Video”

  1. I remember when I use to show PG movies in 1st grade (Sometimes on a Friday as a reward). They were all the movies they all had watched at home before. One day I sat down and actually watched a PG movie from beginning to end and realized some of the language in it was not appropriate for 6-7 year olds so I now only show G movies. You would think that penguin movie was appropriate if it said for 2nd graders!


  2. One time I did a google image search for “straw hat,” and the first image that popped up–on the screen in front of a class of middle school ELD students–was a lady wearing a straw hat. That’s all, just a straw hat.


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