The Worst Day!

I wrote yesterday’s post before the school day. Today’s post is about Thursday.

We have had warmer weather these past couple of weeks. It is rather unusual. We have been in the 60’s, sometimes 70’s. Today, it snowed.

We had indoor recess today. After lunch recess, the children were the WORST they have been. Ever.

One child just started flickering the lights while I was teaching. Why? He thought I would like that. I did not.

One of my math rotations had a snowball fight with crumbled up pieces of paper. They could have sworn I said, “Please have a snowball fight with scratch paper when you get to your next rotation.” When I really said, “Please rotate to your next rotation.”

A child, who is normally pretty nice, shoved another girl off her chair. She was just sitting their quietly doing her math. He stood up and walked over to her and pushed her out.

They were yelling, instead of whispering quietly. Anytime I asked them to stop doing something, they would move to another spot in the room and continue doing what I just asked them not to.

It was hard. We had a class meeting after math rotations to talk about our behavior. I made sure to remind them that I loved them, even though they were making poor choices. We tried to talk about how to fix our behavior.

Did it get better? Slightly. They were on task but still not the amazing class they are. We did have another indoor recess. That didn’t help much.

The spring fever is real. Thank heavens it is Friday!


8 thoughts on “The Worst Day!”

  1. Oh, do I feel your pain. That is what most of my days look like. It takes great patience and great love to get up and do it again and again and again. And then sometimes it gets better. Hang in there.


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