The Reader

I have a child who LOVES reading. He constantly has his head in a book. All the time. Every day. I LOVE that he loves reading. It is such an awesome love to have.

He started out the year HATING reading. Anytime it was reading time he would complain and whine and drag his feet. The entire time. Now, I can’t get him to stop reading!

He is constantly being told to put his book away. All the way away. He will place it on his desk and sneak it back really quick when I turn my back. It needs to be in his book box across the room or he won’t not read it.

Now, he gets plenty of free reading time. It is his go to choice when he finishes his work early, which he usually does. He just wants to read all day. If I let him, I’m sure he would. But when I’m giving directions, he can’t be reading.

I don’t want to kill this new found reading love. He doesn’t get in trouble for reading. I tell him all the time how awesome it is that he reads so much and loves it. But, I really can’t have him reading all day every day. As much as I wish that we all could do that!

What do you do for your little readers? How do you not squash the love of reading but, keep the books away during the day when it isn’t time? I’d love all ideas!


8 thoughts on “The Reader”

  1. I don’t have any useful suggestions, but I loved the story of your little guy who won’t stop reading. I teach high schoolers, so the struggle is more to get them to pick up a book rather than out one down. Best of luck!


  2. I sometimes hold onto the book for them during instructional time and give it back when they have specific time to read (after they’ve finished something or reading time or after school).
    I love that you’ve helped him love to read!


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