Coolest Person In The Room

The best part of teaching is I am easily the coolest person in the room at any given time. I cheer on these kiddos and they, in turn, cheer me on. Anything I do is awesome. It is a great confidence booster.

I am not too great at drawing. The beginning of the year, I drew a swimming pool with waves in it. The kiddos STILL remind me that swimming pools don’t have waves. In January, I drew the flag of Guatemala. It was easily the best thing I have ever drawn. Look it up, it is a tricky flag. The kiddos piled on the praise of my mediocre drawing. One child said, “Wow! Look at the growth you have shown in art! I am so proud!!” Clearly taking after something I have said to her before.

If I do something wrong or make a mistake, they are quick to cheer me on. Letting me know it’s okay and to try again! They know that making mistakes is okay and that it is best to just get back up and start again. They make sure that I know these things. I spend my day teaching them these ideas and they are quick to teach the same lessons right back!

My life lessons are clearly getting somewhere with these kiddos. They are the greatest kiddos!


6 thoughts on “Coolest Person In The Room”

  1. Listen to that growth mindset! Awesome! And I will never forget my AP US History teacher’s drawings of “maps”. His USA was just a rectangle with a tail.


  2. You are so right about being the ‘coolest kid in the room’! As a third grade teacher I can do very little wrong. Thank you for pointing out again one more reason why our job is so awesome!


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