Flexible Seating

I don’t think a seven year old child is ready to spend their day sitting in a chair and desk. They aren’t ready to stay still and focused for that long. I have heard about flexible seating but I can’t really afford some of the options. We also aren’t allowed to have yoga balls or anything like that. Not sure why though.

We needed to take a cheap approach. Here is a NO cost way to handle flexible seating.

I teach mainly in small group. We only do whole group direct instruction for about 10 minutes a day. After this, we do an activity where they are moving. The rest of the time, they are working in centers or independently. During independent work time they are allowed to sit wherever they want. This include laying on the floor with a clipboard, sitting on their desk, or standing up somewhere. They have created their own ideas of places to sit. Some will stand up and use the whiteboard as a hard surface. I also lowered our rectangle table to the ground. They LOVE sitting on the floor and working on the table. They work so much better when they aren’t sitting and fidgetting in a desk.

I do get a couple weird looks when people come into my classroom though and the kids are sprawled all over the classroom. They do stay on task though the entire time. The new teacher mentor walked into my room and gave some weird looks at all the children everywhere. Even my kiddos who don’t get work done, suddenly do when they aren’t forced to sit still in a chair. It is AWESOME! Try it out.


11 thoughts on “Flexible Seating”

  1. I started flexible seating this year and it is wonderful. I got funded by family and friends through Donor’s Choose (Total cost was $900). My favorites are the wobble stools. The kids and I came up with their ideal room together – they wanted dark lighting with lots of candles (easy – I bought $1 fake candles!) and music constantly. I know I feel happier working in our classroom now and they love no desks!! So much choice and freedom.

    I’m sure your kids are benefiting from it, especially being 7!


    1. I started just letting them sit where they please. Could they sit on the floor or stand by their desk? That helps them. I let them sit by friends and switch desks too. If they talk and aren’t working, it’s a fine of class money and they are sent back to their seats the rest of the day.


  2. I love this idea! I am already worried about sending my little Ruthie to school (in 5 years) and worrying about her having to sit still and not fidget. It’s just impossible to imagine right now!


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