Today’s Drama

I feel like all my guided math blogs are making this seem to Pinterest perfect. Trust me, it’s not. It is still a hot mess all the time.

One of my kiddos was absent most of the week. She checked out on Monday before lunch and was back today. This short absence has made her forget everything she knows about being in school or acting like a civilized human.

Our day began with her yelling “chicken” randomly throughout the entire day. Why? I don’t know. When I would call on her to answer a question, chicken was her response. If she had her hand raised I would say, “If you are going to say chicken, I’m not calling on you.” She would tell me she had an actual question. She would ask her question and then yell Chicken. That only happened once. I picked up on this pretty quick.

She also decided she couldn’t walk anymore. She would crawl, jump, run, skip, kick her legs real high, or do anything else to avoid walking anywhere. We had walking practice today and she practiced walking nicely for about twenty minutes.

She also decided to “fall” down all day long. If she was standing perfectly still, she would collapse to the floor and inform me that she just fell down. That happens sometimes (it doesn’t). She also fell out of her chair frequently.

Thank goodness it was a short day. I don’t think I would survive an entire day like this. This means she has a three day weekend to forget how to act like a human. Monday will be hard. Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Today’s Drama”

  1. *snort* today’s post had me laughing out loud! Who knows what gets into kids sometimes? I’m so glad today was a short day for you, too–and just one more thing–CHICKEN! 😉


  2. Sounds like our 8th grade class. Each time we have an extended break, a snow day, or an interruption of the school schedule, they forget what it means to be a student or a reasonable human being. Just amazing at how much reteaching we’ve done this year for behaviors! However, the light (though small) is at the end of the tunnel!

    Thank you for sharing with us today! 🙂


  3. Good luck! One of my students has an obsession with the word “Cherecitty!” which must always be pronounced loudly and high. She made it up and is convincing the rest of the class it’s a real word.


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