Teaching Tiny Humans

I think the hardest part of teaching a lower grade is these kiddos don’t really know how to act like a human. They have only been on the earth for 7 or 8 short years. They really don’t know how life works yet and how you should act in public.

I not only have to teach curriculum, but I also have to teach how to act like a civilized human being. They have been in school before, but there is still so much to learn about being a human.

This weeks human lessons include, “Don’t give him a wet willy!”, “You can’t try to kiss other people!”, “Don’t walk into a room yelling at the top of your lungs.”, and “You can’t pound on your chest and yell like a gorilla when you win a game.”. These are things that adults and older children know you just don’t do.

When the children ask why they can’t do these things, among many other things, I always say, “Because that isn’t something we do in public or to other people.” I have caught myself saying, “There are rules the entire world follows. That is one of them!”.

Their reasons for doing things are usually pretty simple and innocent. “Can I take off my shirt?” “No. We wear clothes at school.” “How will I tan my rock hard abs?” This child was really concerned about his “tan” not being even. He also just learned about rock hard abs. Don’t worry. This didn’t happen in my classroom, I don’t teach them about rock hard abs.

Teaching tiny humans is exhausting but, it is definitely one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. Even if I have to teach them how to act like a human.


4 thoughts on “Teaching Tiny Humans”

  1. I have long wanted to keep a running list of things I find myself saying that I never thought it would be necessary to say. Several of your lines fit this list! So funny. Kids keep us on our toes!


  2. That’s hilarious. But thanks to teachers like you, when they get into the upper grades they don’t try to take off their shirt or shoes in class. 🙂


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