Guided Math: Part 2

This is going  planning on being a short post about how I organize my math groups. This was a long process that has been in construction for quite a while. I finally have them in a way that is making me happy and love it!

My highest group is my kiddos who are quick to solve problems. These are my 100%’s on tests that we take. These kiddos also go to a math enrichment during math time. It makes sense to keep them all together because of this.

The next group is also a higher group. They are my high scorers that aren’t always consistent. They sometimes struggle with problems and take a little bit longer than my highest kiddos. They are still usually ahead of the group just not as much as the others.

My next group is my middle of the road kiddos. They are on grade level and learn at an average pace. They are the ones who are right on track with where we should be.

Next comes my higher lower kiddos. They aren’t as low as the other kids but they aren’t quite there yet. They are usually only a lesson below the others depending on what we are learning. They struggle with some concepts and excel at others.

Last are my lower kiddos. They learn slower and struggle with math concepts. We do a lot of hands on manipulatives learning and a lot of examples. These kiddos struggle to do math on their own and need lots of support before they grasp a concept. These kiddos are usually on a lesson or two below the other groups. We spend more time on these concepts and give them the time to fully grasp it.

Stay tuned for more information on Guided Math. Gotta keep you coming back somehow! I will provide more information about how I spend my time with these groups and what the schedule looks like!


7 thoughts on “Guided Math: Part 2”

  1. You sound jazzed about this! I am excited for you. Just curious, when you do your guided math group, are all the other children doing math independently at this time? If so, are they mixed up as they work elsewhere in the classroom, or are they in their assigned math groups already?


  2. I am intrigued by guided math! As someone who struggled with math for years, I wish that I would have had opportunities like this! I look forward to learning more about this!


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