Organization Is Happening

The kid side of the bookshelf has been driving me nuts lately. I have mentioned how its a mess before but, it got on my nerves today. I pulled all the books off and reorganized them. The kids were in shock. We talked about, again, how we are lucky to have so many books and need to take care of them.

This neat and clean feeling led to me organizing the other side of the bookshelf. And my other set of shelves. If you remember, I inherited this classroom and so many things in it. During the summer, teachers so kindly gifted me with more things. It has really helped my classroom grow. The bookshelves held the most of these items. They are now sorted and organized now.

The next step is my teacher station behind my guided group table. It is a disaster itself. Stay tuned for that project!

There is something about an organized classroom that makes it feel so much lighter. If only I could keep it this way. 😛


8 thoughts on “Organization Is Happening”

  1. there is nothing better than a clutter-free, well organized space. I just wish I loved the process of getting things to that point!


  2. It’s such a cleansing feeling to organize, but like others have mentioned . . . tough to get there and hard to keep it that way. How do we involve the students in keeping it organized?


  3. I love, love, LOVE organizing- It’s a problem I have (or maybe a touch of OCD)… Either way, I love this slice…it gives me inspiration slice about my own love of organizing! Good luck on your project! 🙂


  4. I am so glad I am not the only teacher who experiences this. I teach music and have bins and bins of instruments. Every once in a while I just have a “full stop” moment and we just have to get organized before moving on. I used to feel bad about it as if I was taking time away from learning when really, it’s important to teach kids to take the time to show respect for materials and keep them organized for the next person who needs them!


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