Why I Teach

If you search the internet for articles/blogs/facebook posts about why someone teaches, you are sure to find a collection of excellent articles that are good for a quick pick me up. This blog promises to be a “Why I Teach” like no other.

There are plenty of reasons to teach. Changing lives, changing the world, etc… I teach because I have an undying love for… Office supplies? What other career can you shamelessly by office supplies with no judgement whatsoever? Flair pens, sharpies, mechanical pencils, pens, crayons, you name it and I have probably bought it shamelessly.

Confession time.

My two biggest loves are card stock and lamination. My sister gifted me and personal laminator. I found a sale on lamination pouches and ended up with 200 of them. Now, this doesn’t seem like a big deal but, my school has a lamination machine that we don’t have a limit on using. The sole purpose of this personal laminator is with the school laminator, only one person is trained to use it. Sometimes, she isn’t there. There are times when I print something and I really want to laminate it right away. This is when the personal laminator comes in handy.

I also had some extra school money to spend. I, of course, bought 1,000 sheets of colored cardstock because, why not?

If you haven’t felt and used a piece of laminated cardstock, that needs to be on your weekend to-do list. It is a truly magical experience.

Are there support groups for people like me?


9 thoughts on “Why I Teach”

  1. My name I Holly and I love office supplies…I too have a slight addiction! My favorite? Colored markers-permanent and erasable! Can’t have too many. I love writing on my white board in many colors!


  2. Same. I have to avoid shopping in office supply stores and office sections of regular stores so I don’t spend all my money.


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