Parent teacher conferences are awesome! It is a great scheduled time to sit one on one with the parent and child and talk about how awesome their child is. I LOVE talking to parent’s I don’t normally communicate with frequently. They are awesome! You know what I don’t like though? Report Cards. More specifically, report card comments.

I feel like the comments always sound so fake(?). I feel like I am saying the same thing for every child. It’s rough. I discovered this time around the magic of Pinterest Report Card Comments.

There are SO many suggestions of comments to use on report cards on there. It seriously cut my comment writing time in half or more. I was able to find a prewritten report card comment that described each child perfectly! Each child had a different one too!

Does this make me a terrible teacher? Maybe. There are probably plenty of children with the same comments as my kiddos have. But, there aren’t any children in the class with the same comment. Is that a win? I think so.


6 thoughts on “Conferences”

  1. Believe me, if there weren’t teachers out there using these types of comments, they wouldn’t be offered! You are not alone in your feelings about comments! One of the hardest parts of reporting!


  2. Nope–doesn’t make you a terrible teacher in the slightest! Great way to use Pinterest for the benefit of your students. 🙂 definitely a win-win!


  3. Heck yes, that’s a win! You are a teacher, thus, you have every right to seek out the resources that you need! And if each student has a different comment, all the better! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with us!


  4. Love your individual attention to each student…those individually chosen comments will mean a lot.
    We just had conferences at my daughter’s school and we didn’t get one comment about something the teacher liked about my child. As a teacher myself, I was disappointed in this. While I know my child struggles with some areas, you want to feel like your child is ina place where she is recognized for what makes her unique. Thanks for taking time to do this for your students!


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