Spending the day with 22 second graders sure leads itself to some interesting conversations. These kiddos say whatever comes to their mind all day long. They are full of questions and will ask them at any opportunity, appropriate timing or not.

Here are some of my favorite things my kiddos have said. This page will be updated as more things happen!

“You open your mouth and talent comes out!” Kiddo while I was testing out a microphone.

“My name’s not really __________. I am actually a man from Australia named _________.”

“If a bad guy comes into the school, hide in the trashcan. He won’t look there.”



2 thoughts on “Kid-isms”

  1. I love to hear kid-speak. And I love your intro too, I get so frustrated about what I call the “Pinterest” hole – I wrote a whole entry on it once. So thanks for being real!


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