When you search for a classroom blog, you are bombarded with Pinterest perfect rooms. Rooms where the kids are always in order and doing as they are told. A room where everything has it’s place and is perfectly organized. There isn’t a single sheet of paper out of place. There is always some sort of blog worthy and Pinterest worthy activity going on. This isn’t that type of blog.

This is a blog from a real classroom teacher. My room isn’t Pinterest perfect. The kiddos aren’t always Pinterest perfect. There is always a paper that needs to be filed or copy laying on the counter. My desk sometimes is crowded with pictures from kids and papers to be graded or copied.

That is the reality of a being a teacher of 22 loving second graders. That is life. We do have our Pinterest moments, but that isn’t all you will see. You will see the true life of a second grade teacher.

Welcome to the Journey.




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